Father Paul Goddard preaches at the "Shadowland
Church For All People"
Miss Florence Arizona joins the puppet ministries
by singing "HYMNS, not "HERS"
Why you shouldn't say
in church instead of
Rev Dude and his Bigfoot assistant, Phil O'Dendren
"Phil John 11" was written by me for Rev. John Lutton's Halloween service so I
asked the proverbial question; "What would a preacher say to someone who's
confused about God and Lazarus coming back to life and the movies' zombies?" Rev
John at first didn't want to do this skit but after thinking and praying over it, he did it
with Phil. Since uploading it to YouTube, this video has gotten the highest viewer
watch of any of "TheLuttoons" videos plus we've had more preachers contacting us
to say they have to admit the script's ingenious but they admit they wouldn't have
done it. Now those same preachers have asked permission to use the script and
My angel, Cinnamon Stick,
delivers a powerful message
with Wilma Swartz
at the end of each
Puppet Ministry.
Cinnamon Stick the Angel gets interviewed from Heaven